Selasa, 17 September 2013

Korea as World Trendsetter

Korea become more favored and many talks about it, especially by teenager, because Korea has turn into fashion barometer in many aspects, for example movies, songs, even life-style and fashion style become trend among teenager all over the world today.
The Korean wave, or usually pronounced as Hallyu, is referring to the Korean popular culture since late 1990’s. This term first introduced in Beijing journalists, surprised by China growing appetite for Korean culture. They substitute this into “Hanlu”, which means “Korean stream”. This condition makes Korean culture, interested by many people and they want to learn more about it. Nevertheless, this article will give you a little study about Korea cultures, briefly. Importantly, it will help you to know better about Korea.
Start with Korean traditional house, they called Hanok, they build it based on geomansi, or study about topography and believes about that the environment around us is a form of energy both positive and negative (eum and yang in Korean) that should be balanced. Geomansi influenced building formation, where is headed to, even materials to build it. Traditional Korean clothes are Hanbok, it contains two parts, an upper part is Jeogori, with trousers for man (baji) and skirt (chima). Korean dressed based on their social status, thus get dressed is very important. When they wear Hanbok? in special occasion, like First birthday of first child (doljanchi), wedding, or condolences. Culinary in Korea, influenced by their farming tradition. Main food is rice. Main productions are, rice, wheat and nuts. Korean culinary mostly produced from fermentation for a long time, for example kimchi and doenjang. Fermentation food is very useful, especially in winter to provide enough vitamins and proteins

Everything about Korea nowadays, is a trend, including fashion. Talks about Korea is all about music or fashion, from music there is boyband or girlband, at least is about beauties and handsome of the artists. Korean songs, are become hits on most billboard songs all over the world. Korean fashion has become barometer in the world today, there are so many clothes based on Korean drama or artists, from adult to children. A female fashion trend with baju wanita , has been predicted unchanged from last year with has many colors on it and unique pattern, these could boost wearer performance. It was simple, unique and casual, easy to combine with accessories. These clothes also give cheerful influence, and never out-dated. Especially for sporty, and confidence persons.   

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